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  • Computerized Radiographic Examination using Carestream-Industrex HPX-1 Industrial Computed Radiography System - Ir-192, Se-75, and Co-60
  • Ultrasonic Examination - digital thickness measurement and traditional flaw detection methods
  • Magnetic Particle Examination - dry and fluorescent wet yoke (AC and DC) methods
  • Liquid Penetrant Examination - visible and fluorescent dye, solvent removable methods
  • Visual Examination - direct methods using SNT-TC-1A Level II or AWS/CWI certified individuals
  • Positive Material Identification Verification - verification of alloy materials using x-ray fluorescence analyzers
  • Hardness Testing - portable ultrasonic contact impedance (MIC-10) and indentation (Telebrineller) methods
  • Pressure Testing - hydrostatic testing method
  • Dimensional Testing - In addition to conventional methods, SPSI has computer aided measuring capabilities with our FARO Laser TrackerĀ® and FARO Titanium ArmĀ® technologies

Pressure Piping

Power Boilers

Unfired Pressure Vessels

Repair and/or Alteration